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Honest Evangelism: How to talk about Jesus even when it’s tough

By Rico Tice (The Good Book Company, 2015). 105 pp.

Rico Tice, associate minister at All Souls, Langham Place, London, and founder of Christianity Explored Ministries, has written a book that will help every believer experience the joy that comes from finding lost people and bringing them to Christ. Tice knows that evangelism is hard, and he shares his struggles with it. Evangelism is often painful in a world that is increasingly hostile to Christianity. Tice reminds of us God’s power. Nothing we do or say can give spiritual sight, but we can have hope because God is the one who turns on the lights in people’s hearts (2 Cor 4:6).

The second half of this short book is packed full of practical help. “Two life skills I’ve found to be essential in witnessing are these: ask questions, and chat your faith” (p. 59). He shares two sets of three words to remember as we proclaim Christ (you need to read the book to find out what they are!). We need to know what the gospel is, and we need to remember how to communicate it effectively. “You want someone to walk away after hearing your story having been struck by Jesus, not by you” (p. 80). “Witnessing is a long-term commitment to invest in a relationship, to pray tirelessly, and to speak the gospel over and over again, patiently and persistently” (p. 88).

Tice reminds us that this is “the greatest work there is, because it’s work that is eternally significant” (p. 100). The book includes a list of helpful resources (books on evangelism, the gospel, and apologetics, as well as books and resources to give away).

Reviewed by Don Schaeffer

Reviewer rating is 5 of 5 stars ★★★★★

Don Schaeffer and his wife Hazel serve with the Christian & Missionary Alliance and came to Japan in 1984. They have planted churches in Saitama Ken and served in mission leadership.

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