Dawn Birkner, planting churches in rural Japan since 2001, pastors Kita Sanriku Christ Church (Iwate: Iwaizumi, Omoto, Tanohata, Fudai, Noda), leads relief work (tsunami/typhoon), coordinates Rural Japan Church Planting Network, and directs Reaching Japan Together.

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  1. Paris Eble says:

    Churches in America have long been vital assisting in black communities with relief programs, esp with the rise of drug issues and childcare. I do recall hearing some issues with a rise in single parenting affecting Japan and it would be a great thing if Japanese churches would provide some assistance in this way.
    It would also be a great help for many churches to take advantage of the positive uses of the internet. Exposure on social media could help get the word out to those who are in search of some type of assistance but can do so privately by direct messages.

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