Louis Lau, with his wife, Chris, has served with OMF since 1992. Hailing from Singapore, he is a church planting facilitator and dean of Asian Cross-Cultural Training Centre (ACTI). He’s involved in homeless ministry and the LoveJapan project.

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  1. Rovino says:

    Thank you Rev Louis, this article makes me understand deeper about the man of peace.

  2. Matt Parsley says:

    Excellent article brother! I wrote another article in this same issue focusing on the “oikos.”
    As there are more and more workers in Japan pursuing the disciple-making patterns we see in scripture, such as finding “sons of peace,” I anticipate with great joy a wave of the Holy Spirit igniting multiplying movements of disciples and churches across Japan! I would love to connect with you. I live just north of your homeland, in Malaysia. I’m working to build a network across Southeast Asia and Oceania of those with a heart for the Japanese. Would love to partner with some more Singaporeans!

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