altJapan Harvest is aimed at a broad readership with varying interests and backgrounds. The following hints will help you write articles for the magazine:

  • As a rule, use language that would be typical for a general interest magazine or a daily newspaper. This will be less formal than academic or theological writing, but not as informal as email or speech.
  • When you have a choice, use simple, everyday words instead of complex words that express essentially the same meaning (e.g. “use” rather than “utilize”).
  • Use active voice wherever possible, e.g. “we noticed…” rather than the passive “it has been noticed that…”
  • Break up long sentences into shorter and simpler sentences. (Watch for “ands” and “buts.” These are often signs that you can create two sentences.)
  • Contractions are acceptable. In some cases they may be preferred to avoid being too formal, e.g. “isn’t” instead of “is not.”
  • Subheadings are helpful for breaking up the text. This will make your article easier to read.
  • Be ruthless in eliminating unnecessary content. (If you are used to academic writing, wordiness can be a challenge.) The Write Place gives some excellent hints for reducing excess words. 

Check our writing tips for more help in preparing articles for Japan Harvest.