TEAM missionary Tim Cole lives in Karuizawa. He is a US citizen but was born and raised in Japan. He is married to Katie and has five adult children.

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  1. John Edwards says:

    My wife and I attended Karuizawa Language School 1993-1995. We are grateful to God for our experience there in Karuizawa, including walking our young boys down the Ginza in a red wagon or in a sled (depending on the season). We remember fondly our six Japanese teachers: Takei-sensei, Nagahata-sensei, Sasaki-sensei, Tago-sensei, Kobayashi-sensei and Baba-sensei. We still occasionally meet a former Karuizawa shopkeeper with whom we practiced Japanese. Of course, I often wish my Japanese was better, but I am extremely grateful for the good foundation we received at Karuizawa Language School.

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