Laura Mort and her husband, Jerry, teach English in Kashiwazaki, Niigata with students from 3 to over 80. Classes plus Bible studies, outreach events, local church activities, and two children with special needs still at home, keep her on her toes.

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  1. Karen says:

    Having been an independent “missionary” in Cambodia for ten years I would agree with what Laura is saying. There have been times when I would have loved the support network of a mission agency, but there are other times when being independent has allowed me to be here when a mission agency might have had me at home. Even after ten years I have limited language (I think less of an issue here than in Japan). One thing I am very, very grateful for is a core group of prayer supporters, both from my “home church” but also from the two churches my parents have attended while I’ve been here, as well as my sister’s church and other prayer supporters from personal connections. I don’t think I’d attempt it if I didn’t strongly sense God’s leading, or without the prayer support. I’m thankful that God has faithfully provided for all my financial needs over the years, and am grateful for those who have given financially to help me stay here and be comfortable.

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